Working With A Tribally Owned 8a

Advantages of working with a Tribal 8(a) include

  • Rapid Procurement Process
  • No Ceiling Limit – CFR 124.506(b)/FAR 19.805-1(b)
  • Non-Protestable Awards CFR 124.517(a)

Businesses owned by Federally recognized tribes enjoy a unique relationship with the U.S. Government, Wiipica offers its customers opportunities to gain credit for small business utilization.Wiipica welcomes mentor/protégé relationships, joint venture relationships, manages subcontractors as a first tier prime contractor, and fulfills requirements as a subcontractor as well.

Benefits of the sole-source process include

  • Customer/services provider collaboration
  • Expedited timeline
  • No dollar ceiling
  • Flexible
  • Direct negotiations